Photographer/s cancellation policy: If photographer has to cancel this contract for reasons beyond their control (death, injury, sickness) their liability shall be limited to a full refund of all monies paid


It is agreed that the terms set out in this booking form are the total agreement made between the parties and that no variation or modification of this contract shall be effective unless agreed by both parties in writing.

Special Request / Coverage Please fill in and return the picture list and add any special requests. All picture requests are not a binding instruction, although every effort is made to comply with the client’s wishes. 

The Photographer/s. On occasion and without notice it may be necessary for the photographer/s originally specified to be substituted by another photographer/s (e.g. due to ill health or injury). The Photographer/s will personally bear the cost of all expenses incurred by him/her in work on the assignment.

Packages. All packages include the following: All of the best images (selected, edited and re-touched by the photographer) on a USB.  The USB will contain print ready high resolution images; Thirty 9 x 6 professionally printed photographs chosen by the clients. 

Force majeure. Neither party shall be liable for any breach of its obligation resulting from causes beyond its reasonable control. Causes deemed to be beyond reasonable control shall include: Death or serious injury of a close family member; Injury to or illness of the Photographer/s personally. Each of the parties agrees to give notice immediately to the other upon becoming aware of an event of force majeure such notice to contain details of the circumstances giving rise to it. 

Images. The photographer/s will provide a pleasing colour balance but cannot guarantee exact colour matching owing to lighting and other factors that may occur on the day. It is sometimes impossible to record on film/digital the exact colour as seen by the human eye; every effort will be made to represent true colour. 

Retouching. The photographer/s will perform a high standard of editing and retouching to take the photographs to a quality of which s/he is proud. Further retouching, digital manipulation and artist finishing is available to the client as an optional extra. 

Ownership Rights & Responsibilities. Photographer/s and Clients agree that unless otherwise in this document, photographer owns any and all copyright or reproduction rights. Clients are able to use the DVD of images for non-commercial use only. The Digital files remain the property of the photographer/s. 

Licence. The photographer/s shall be granted complete artistic licence including in relation to the poses photographed and the locations used. The photographer/’s judgement regarding the locations/poses and number of images taken shall be final. Due to the vagaries of the weather and the willingness of subjects it may not be possible to capture all the images requested. 

Disclaimer. Photographer/s agrees that every effort will be made to provide high quality photographic services. In the unlikely event that a catastrophic mechanical failure should occur to the photographer/s equipment or transport and the photographer/s is unable to provide the Client with the agreed upon photography services and/or products, photographers liability shall be limited to a full refund of all monies paid. Photographer/s has full Public Liability. Photographer and Client agree that Photographer/s is not responsible for any damages, emotional or otherwise.

Client agrees that Photographer/s may use any photograph for publicity purpose. Such publicity and advertising may include publication on photographer/s website. 

Other persons may take photographs at the wedding and reception, however all “formal” or other shots set up by Photographer/s are for Photographer/s to photograph exclusively. It is the Client’s responsibility to inform all guests of said policy. This is to ensure the photographs are of a consistently high standard. Photographer/s cannot be responsible for unusable shots due to distractions from Clients guests (i.e. eyes being closed / looking in other direction) and other circumstances beyond the Photographer/s control. 

Terms & Conditions WEDDINGS

Client’s cancellation policy: After a period of 14 days from the date of signing this contract, as compensation for loss of income the following charges apply as a percentage of the total fee due if the clients choose to cancel. 60 days or less – 100% 61-90 days 75%, 91-120 days – 50% (number of days before the wedding)
Should the said wedding be a postponement, then, subject to availability, all money paid may be applied to the new wedding.