Family, Maternity Shoot

Maternity Woodland Shoot

Celebrating a new baby joining the family with a maternity woodland shoot.

So lovely to meet up with families again and again. I photographed Bex & Dean’s wedding in Spain a couple of years back. Their wedding is featured on the website on the Wedding Portfolio Page – You should go check it out too! They are expecting a baby, due this December so we headed out for a Maternity woodland shoot at their local woods.

Big Brothers

These two are so excited to meet their baby brother. The boys were beaming ear to ear telling me about how cool it will be to have a new baby brother to play with. It was so super to see their friendship and bond together. Hugh & Harry are going to be fab big big brothers and hopefully good helpers too! Harry told me is looking forward to no longer being the little brother!

You are glowing!

I have known this family for almost seven years. I love getting to photograph people at such magical and key moments in their story. Bex you are truly glowing! And the love between these two is so strong. I never looked this good when I was pregnant for sure! Bex you are making it look all so easy & glam!

Some family photos

Having a new baby arriving in the family is such a lovely moment to celebrate and enjoy. Booking in for a maternity shoot when you already have older children is just fab. It is such a big moment for you all! And within the next few months a new little person comes into the world and in an instant you can’t imagine the world without them in it! x

Not forgetting the dogs!

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September 30, 2020