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Pre Wedding Shoot

A pre wedding shoot in London, in the rain and with a couple who hate having their picture taken! What could go wrong?!

I have shot events with Charlie for over 10 years and every event she told me “make sure I am not in any pictures!” When she asked me to photograph her wedding I was unsure how that was going to work! I told them doing a pre wedding shoot would help and even though both hate having their picture taken we did the shoot anyway – And guess what?! They rocked it!

Getting used to being the star of the show

It is a funny thing being the centre of attention when that is not your favourite thing! But Pre wedding shoots are a great way of practicing how it feels to be in front of the camera without the pressure of it being the big day! I meet with couples 4-6 weeks before the big day and take a walk around your venue so we know where the best spots are for pictures. These guys were getting married in London. We met at their reception venue The Chiswell Street Dining Rooms and then used the streets surrounding for pictures.

Real fun, Real laughter, Real smiles

I always want to make sure on every shoot you are making memories that make your heart happy. That you look back at your photos remembering what a great time you were having. When there is real fun, there is real laughter and what follows in real smiles. Then the worry about ‘smiling for the camera’ just goes! Because you are just having a great time.

It can be cold, it can rain & you can still get cracking photos!

When we did this pre shoot in London for Charlie & Luis it was a really cold and wet day. If you are creative and look for places with great light, reflexions and flattering compositions the weather doesn’t matter! The love, the authenticity of good times just ooze from the pictures.

You can see more information about pre wedding shoots and how they work here on the website: Pre wedding shoot info

Now a quick look at the wedding day

The pre shoot convinced these guys that having their photography was not as scary and awful has they feared so taking photos for them on the wedding day was a breeze!

September 30, 2020